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ARM Class Prayer Circle

     Almost four decades ago, our family made Mineral Wells our home. Moving here from Oklahoma City and Washington D.C. was a culture shock. Over the years the culture became us, and we became Texans through and through.

     Mineral Wells, historically and in the present has been known for many things. Historically, it has been know for its healing waters, the Baker and Crazy Water Hotels, famous for reclaiming health, healing, and healing (specifically) those with mental disorders.Baker Hotel

     Most recently, the city has carried the titles of "Miserable Wells" and "The Meth Capital of Texas". A.R.M. started nine years ago in a home with one client and has now become a major source of healing  for those troubled minds. Healing waters are once again flowing and the residence of the city are now claiming the title of "Miracle Wells" and the market for meth is being severely challenged with a growing clientele showing a 75% success rate, most of them previous meth abusers.

     I am proud to be part of the recovery taking place and for those who share the vision of A.R.M. in its beginning Linda Maidens and Gail Howard along with our present volunteer staff that makes all this possible.

Mineral Wells Landscape